For our next meeting (July 14th, 2020 @6:30pm)  we will be meeting at the Senior Center outside area. We will set up tables and disinfect them prior to our meeting and we can use the chairs in the Rotary shed or you can bring your own. Please do not forget your masks and we will maintain a 6 ft distance. We were thinking about ordering food from the taco truck, so we can help out our local businesses throughout the summer. We will be emailing you prior to the meeting so you can RSVP and place your order ahead of time and we will pick it up and have it ready for you at your table at the Senior Center. Like our past meetings you can pay Donna $20 towards your food and the balance will go towards the club. 
At this meeting we will discuss the following:
  • what we anticipate this year
  • our budget 
  • a Rotary retreat
  • new members
  • club goals
  • our vision for the future of our club
  • and much more....